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  1. Nomawa Mnisi says:

    Hi, we have been reading your block for sometime. Haven’t got a chance to hear from you since you left for. America. Do you still write. We wish to read further
    Be blessed
    Leon and Nomawa Mnisi

  2. Judy Kurland says:

    JUDY Kurland of Pomona, NY on the Hudson River near NYC. I was completely horrified at such a dreadful occurrence in this day and age. I think I lost a great deal of respect for the state of New Hampshire. Those who did this or said little are disgracing themselves. I would hope both the families and police would work hard to find the people responsible for such a traumatic episode to do to a child. I know there’s still a lot of racism in the country alll over and we need to find ways to bring our communities together Recently the community of Nyack on the Hudson had a friendly fair with all neighbors of all backgrounds invited to play and meet and enjoy the village in a park by the Hudson. We had music, and drumming, a ferris wheel, art project for the children I saw families and their children from all backgrounds. We have people living here from India, Philippines. Haiti, Latin America, and African countries. It was a great day and brought all of us together for a fun day. I suspect things have gotten worse due to the behavior of our president. Hovever as long ago as WWII the State Department and FDR turned away the ship ST. Louis filled with 3,000 refugees from Nazi Germany and would not let the land. They had to return ot Germany where they were killed. You might find (if possible) a welcoming place here in Nyack with many families similar to yours. I apologize in the name of your community and the seemingly uncaring police. Peace and love to your family.

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